S & L Limo Service

Upcoming Events:

Spring Break is right around the corner!! This year Spring Break occurs the same time as Easter. This is fantastic news for those you like to travel to see family. It does mean the airports are going to be crazier than usual.  We are expecting to see longer security and curbside baggage check on Thursday, March 29th, Good Friday, March 30th, and Saturday, March 31st. Pick up times will be a little earlier to accommodate the additional time needed for security.

We are also expecting longer wait times on arrivals for the same weekend. Unfortunately, this will not be something we can control. We will do our very best to communicate accurate wait times with you. Please make sure we have your cell phone number, so if there are any delays we can reach you.

As always, our goal is great customer service; if you have any questions, please let us know.

Most transportation services, offer what's known as a "shared ride service". This means, they may pick up additional passengers before or after you, while still charging you full fare. S & L is a "Private Car" service. We will not pick up additional passengers who are  not in your party.

This year, Easter is Sunday, April 1st. Easter is considered holiday rate and an additional $25 fee is applied all day. Please call us for a rate quote.

Things to Know: