Upcoming Events:

Summer is about half over. It certainly has been a quick one. Kiddos in SD 308 go back to school on August 15th!!! And then we have Labor day weekend, the official close to summer! There's still time to get in that summer vacation. 

The next major holiday is Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanksgiving is on November 22nd this year. The kids are out of school Wednesday the 21 - Friday the 23rd. Given our experience in previous years, we are expecting the airports to be very busy starting Tuesday afternoon. When scheduling pick up times we will be taking the busier airports into consideration. 

For Winter Break this year, the kids have an early dismissal from school on 12/21, and return to school on Monday, January 7th. We are expecting peak travel dates to be the 21st - 23rd, and again January 2nd - 4th. We will monitor travel sites and updated these dates if needed. 

Most transportation services, offer what's known as a "shared ride service". This means, they may pick up additional passengers before or after you, while still charging you full fare. S & L is a "Private Car" service. We will not pick up additional passengers who are  not in your party.

Things to Know:

S & L Limo Service